Survey 55 – Wed 15th Oct 2014.

Great morning for a fantastic survey. We didn’t have to go far to find the dolphins… over a period of nearly 2 hrs we found 27 bottlenose dolphins – including 3 calves – in front of Wright Island. What we witness was mainly a continued mating frenzy… with lots of jumping and tail slapping.

IDed so far is 001 Flap, 007 Scapa, 008 Sushi, 009M Bob, 010F Chip (with calf Lexie), 011 Bryon, 013 Ruby, 016F Beyoncé (with calf Austin), 022 Claire, 024M Neptune, 030 Jo Jo, 031 Vinnie, 033F Comet, 041 Storm, 043 Indi, 046 Mal, 052 Rhonda, 067 Michael, 072 Eeyore, and Nessie.

Survey 54 – Wed 1st Oct 2014.

survey 54

Survey 54 was fantastic. We saw 10 Bottlenose Dolphins near the breakwater of Granite Island, and a large pod of at least 30+ Common Dolphins – including 3 calves – of West Island.

It was also fantastic to go out the BIG DUCK BOAT TOURS new boat … what a beauty:)