Welcome to Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch

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Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch began in 2011 with SA Whale Centre volunteers and Investigator College students.

Operating collaboratively with Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch with NRM (Natural Resource Management) Community Grant funding, it has achieved extraordinary outcomes through successful regional cooperation.

FML_logo150wThrough involvement and support of “Fleurieu Marine Life Inc.”, a site-based network undertaking regular observations, underpinning boat-based field surveys has been established. It will yield much needed data regarding frequency and range of movements, establishing home ranges and connectivity.

As dolphins in the region are at risk due to human impact and intensive boating activity, development of public awareness and community education is an imperative

Dolphin Watch’s Charter:

  • reengaging students, teachers and volunteers in education through their environment
  • contributing to knowledge and understandings about Cetaceans in our environment
  • developing a baseline position with respect to population groups and habitat around the coastline
  • protecting dolphins, whales and their habitat
  • assisting other schools and communities to develop similar Cetacean protection and study programmes
  • providing personal growth and leadership opportunities for youth